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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Tattoo In My Brain" - AIRBEAR

Have you ever had a person stuck in your head? In “Tattoo in My Brain”, AIRBEAR details having an ex who was the one that got away. The singer describes as though the person is tattooed in his head, permanent and constant. Now that his ex is gone all he can do is reminisce over their past memories. The vocalist contemplates if their former partner is also thinking about when they were together, before he comes to the resolution that he will always think of their past. Although the topic of the song is a little melancholic, the fun and catchy beat keeps the single light. Overall, this is a vibrant song that you will have stuck in your head as soon as you play it - just like a tattoo!

The single begins with low synths that blend beautifully with the singer’s low and slightly raspy voice. As the chorus approaches, the beat fastens before an electric melody starts. A standout moment on the track would be the bridge and interlude where the funky and intoxicating melody is highlighted. During the bridge, the instrumentals fade and the vocalist shows off his stunning deep voice before the playful and lively beat returns. After the final chorus, the beat continues and then it fades with the final lyrics, “Like a tattoo in my brain” emphasizing the song’s meaning. Ultimately this is an incredible track with unforgettable lyrics and a groovy beat.

AIRBEAR is an artist from Sacramento, California. The musician felt inspired to write his first song after watching his favorite TV show ”Seinfeld“. He records produces and writes his music at his home studio. The vocalist released his debut single in April 2021 titled, “Kings and Queens” which has a light electric indie pop sound. Since his first track, he has released three songs including “Tattoo in My Brain”. Although he has only released a few singles, AIRBEAR has close to 700 monthly listeners and over 18,000 listens on his song “Wake up and Find” on Spotify. “Wake up and Find” is an upbeat and electric indie pop bop. Altogether, AIRBEAR is an up-and-coming artist that you need to be on the look out for.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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