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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Teddy Bears" - Yael Danon

"Teddy Bears" is all about recognizing that this new guy is going to end up just being a mistake. He may shower you with teddy bears and roses, but it's all a facade to mask the ill intentions that he really has. Those butterflies you get by seeing him are quickly going to die the longer you stick around. Other girls have seen it, and some have endured it, and it's going to be no different for you. So now it's up to you to listen to what everyone has to say and choose to stay away from this guy. Yael does an amazing job at producing this sweet-sounding tune to reflect the feeling that one gets with new love.

From the very start, one major aspect to note about this song is how smooth the melody and Yael's voice sound. The beginning almost sounds as if it's being played from a record player, and then transitions into a clearer tone once Yael starts to sing. This is a very unique element in this piece that is rare to find in any other song. Another particular component of the song that deserves to be recognized is the way the pace slows down in the last thirty seconds. This change of pace really highlights Yael's voice and lyrics giving more value to these two features. As for the idea of the song as a whole, it really is a cool aspect of new love. Most songs are written about the breakup, or finding out after all this time that they ended up not being a good person. This song skips that whole idea and is written from the perspective of saving yourself all the tears before it's too late. With all the love songs that have been written, it's refreshing to hear a different take on when a relationship turns sour.

At only sixteen years old, Yael Danon is a trilingual singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Panama. She began her music journey at the age of eight, and after performing in the school talent show decided that pursuing music is her passion. In 2019, Yael and her family traveled to Israel on vacation and decided to audition for Israel's Got Talent. She auditioned and ended up winning the Youth Category when she was thirteen. After her win, Yael decided that she wanted to release her own music and went on two release six of her own singles. This led up to her debut EP Diary Girl., which will be out this summer. This EP contains pieces about true life experiences, all things that can be found in her diary. Yael has so much time ahead of her and will continue to make great music that shares nothing but true emotion.

Written By Melina Darlas



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