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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Teeth" - Liv Miraldi

“Teeth”, Liv Miraldi’s latest release, is a self reflective piece on growing up- or rather growing downward.  The differences in herself found in aging are of course in an increased maturity and perspective, but more so, getting older has meant spiraling.  The inevitability of change means waiting for the other shoe to drop, since the extremity of this change so vastly differs between people.  Growing up could mean a bettered perspective that offers solace for things dealt with in childhood, or it could mean a bettered perspective that brings grief for things previously unseen in childhood.  For Miraldi, it mostly represents a loss of innocence, she misses not the world before she grew up, but how she saw that world.  

The song begins with carefully layered sounds of peace.  A calm but upbeat guitar strums over the subtle white noise of children laughing and playing.  The introduction stirs nostalgia and allows for the listener to understand her vulnerability and reminiscence by feeling it themselves.  Childhood is an introduction to life, it's only fitting as an introduction to a song about such.  Liv Miraldi’s voice offers a harsh contrast to this that shudders any previous feelings of comfort.  Matured and low, her singing as well as her rather blunt first words “I stopped eating”, perfectly resemble the loss of innocence she means to project.  This underlying tone of grief is maintained throughout her voice for the entirety of the song, but her contradicting instrumentals turn the piece into a bittersweet love letter to her younger self.  Miraldi’s focus is, of course, the pain of growing up- but her ingenious composition leaves space to admire the beauty of youth as well.

Liv Miraldi got her start during the time she expresses missing so greatly, being seven years old when she first began writing songs.  At this point, she lived in her home city of Cleveland, and was beginning to find her influence in the acoustic themes of the music around her- something which became even more cemented in her move to Nashville.  She knew what she wanted to do from the beginning and pursued it with a commitment that could be seen in all aspects of her life, particularly her schooling.  She attended private art schools that allowed for a sharpening of her skill, and very quickly used these learned and inherited talents to create original music.  Now based in L.A., Miraldi is improving every day.  “Teeth” is one of the first pieces she’s centered strictly around herself and her upcoming EP is likely to follow its themes of mental health and vulnerability.  Follow her below to stay updated on every release that somehow seems to raise the bar from the last.

Written By Hailey Schap



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