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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Tell Your Mom to Stop Calling Me" - Nicolette Capua

This fun summer song is the perfect track to blast in the car! “Tell Your Mom to Stop Calling Me” is about one of Nicolette’s ex’s mom who just would not stop talking to her after they broke up. I think this song is lighthearted and a nice way to think about a breakup. Obviously breaking up with someone can be hard and painful, and sometimes you don’t think about the fact that you’re leaving their family also. Having an ex’s family member stick around in your life, isn’t the easiest to deal with when you’re trying to move on and forget about them. This tune is just kind of like saying “look, I’m over this, quit trying to tell me about things I don’t want to remember”.

Catchy lyrics, snappy rhythmic elements, and fun electric synths, “Tell Your Mom to Stop Calling Me” has everything you need for a perfect summer jam. Simply put, this tune is fun and relaxed. It’s an easy song to just sway along to. The vibes are very much giving “hot girl summer”. It’s a cool electric modern pop track and it should be added to your playlist ASAP. Capua’s vocals have a nice full sound, making her sound strong and powerful and not on the airy or dainty side. Her vocals represent who she is and showcases her personality and natural singing abilities. Overall, this single is well-rounded in all its musical aspects which makes it that much more brilliantly put together.

Nicolette Capua is a Staten Island native who has been singing from a very young age. With a passion for music and songwriting, Capua has been led to have many releases and collaborations. In addition, Capua has performed opening for Andra Day on Good Morning America. Not only does she have an impressive track record, but her achievements grow further as her education from PPAS and her contemporary dance background is added. Capua continues to put out fun and catchy pop song that are repeatedly popular hits. Stay tuned for more great songs from Nicolette Capua!

Written By Emily Hancock



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