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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Temporary" - Alexa Cappelli

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we know we have to do something for our future selves, even if it seems complicated right now. This could be anything from going boldly into the moment to breaking off contact with someone who makes you feel right only at the moment. Approaching the situation with consideration for her future self-- looking past her present emotions, knowing that she "couldn't settle, you couldn't change" Alexa Cappelli releases her new song "Temporary". The pop singer-songwriter explores the mixed feelings of breaking out of a situationship that would only harm her in the future.

With this song, "Temporary" Alexa Cappelli looks back at the bravery of her past self, knowing that breaking it off was the right decision no matter how hard it was. It combines the nostalgia of how it felt right in the moment with the present confidence that what she did was right for her. It's an empowering track and reminiscent in feeling and words--but with the acceptance and happiness of finally getting over something that hurt to end. She sings, "Headed down a dead-end street/What's love if it's temporary?" speaking about knowing what is best for you in the future and having the strength to cut it off before it becomes a problem.

Alexa Cappelli is 22 years old and a talented singer/songwriter. The artist was born and raised in Southern California, working with music since she was seven years old and starting music lessons. She began to break out of her comfort zone after performing music and participating in musical theatre. Cappelli was finding her place in music by telling her own stories and questioning whom she wanted to be musically, leading her to release her debut EP in 2019, titled "The Colors That Make You" with three songs that delved into an intriguing indie pop sound.

Written by Jane Katryn



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