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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Terrible Things (feat. Avonlea)" - 7KY

The latest single from 7KY, "Terrible Things," is the perfect soundtrack for nighttime drives. The silky and airy production drenches each word in its moody atmosphere. Featuring guest vocals from Avonlea, the two engage in a mirrored dialogue, allowing each lyric to ripple on the song's surface. The immediacy of the lyrics—striking with desire and flirtation—is contrasted by the leisurely pace. As a result, "Terrible Things" resonates as a lingering feeling: glacial yet stifling. The dense fog mystifying the flirtations at the track's center ironically illuminate the internal conflict buried in its subtext.

"Right now, you can be the one right now," is the centerpiece of "Terrible Things." The dreamy production and repetition stretch its meaning into something more substantial. Is it a personal insistence not to catch feelings, or an assertion that it is nothing more? Perhaps it is simply a remark in the midst of passion, but the haziness of their intentions make it into something far more fascinating. For as straightforward as something might seem, 7KY suggests there is always something more concealed beneath the surface. As a trap beat slices through the dreamlike synths, "Terrible Things" is most intoxicating in its numbing effect. Like the hookup at its center, sometimes its best to just savor the feeling.

"Terrible Things" was released on the independent record label, Good Society. Earlier this year, 7KY released his debut album, "Ordinary Alien." The album featured nine tracks, including singles he began releasing in 2021. Like the title suggests, he features spacey production and aesthetics for warped and otherworldly music. Despite being relatively new under the name 7KY, he has extensive experience as a producer. Previously, he had scored a short film for SpaceX. His Tiktok features behind-the-scenes clips to his process, creating beats and playing unique instruments.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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