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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Terrified" - Hattie Oates

We all have the will to succeed, and failure is something we fear. People win and lose all the time and whatever the outcome is, we learn from it. We can be whoever we want if we put our minds to it. Hattie Oates' single, “Terrified” is about going after what you love but having that fear of failing in the process. It’s all part of a learning experience and knowing how to navigate through life to what you’re trying to achieve. It can also be hard when you feel like everyone’s ahead of you which can be intimidating; instead, think of it as them motivating you. It's only a matter of trusting yourself and believing you can do this to achieve your goals.

“Terrified” has that refreshing, dream-like aura contrasted with a dark vibe. Although it has an alternative pop mixed with an edgy mood soundscape, the lyrics are still prominent and helps with balancing the song out. Oates’ strong vocals enhances the message beautifully because of the passion she feels throughout which reaches the listener about pursuing your dreams. She created this powerful energy with inspirational lyrics that shows her ability to mesh a serious topic with a fast tempo. Her tone of voice helps show raw and emotional feelings to illustrate the meaning behind her relatable lyrics. Throughout the track, she has subtle add-on echoes to enhance the dreamy—almost hallucination-like to capture the image of her struggles with herself until she finds a sense of satisfaction. The beat itself is swift but lively and catchy where you’re still able to dance along to and sing at the top of your lungs.

Hattie Oates is a singer based in Australia. She’s known to experiment different music genres but mainly indie pop. Her single that was released in 2021, “Used To Be” has a more upbeat tone and fast tempo while her other single, “Waste My Time” is more ballad with raw emotion. Followed by “GOODBYE” that was released in 2022, has delicate lyrics but still an energetic vibe. These three songs are from a portfolio Oates is creating and have been met with Pitch Perfect’s vocal producer, Deke Sharon and Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe. She has been featured on many prominent playlists including Spotify’s “New Music Friday AU & NZ.” She’s described as “powerful, commanding, and energetic” through her music which will draw you in! Make sure to check her out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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