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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "THALASSOPHOBIA" - kate the dreamer

Taking a deep dive into what truly frightens her, kate the dreamer has released her latest single, "THALASSOPHOBIA." For those unfamiliar with this phobia, thalassophobia is a term used to describe someone's intense fear of deep bodies of water. Like the title's definition, the song reflects the artist's fear of open water, serving as a poetic glimpse into her inner thoughts. kate the dreamer also seems to allude to a relationship in "THALASSOPHOBIA," someone she's ready to face her fears with and jump in the deep end for. The song was released by Head Bitch Music and follows on the heels of kate's previous release, "Sad Anymore"—a collaboration with FRENSHIP and OSTON. "THALASSOPHOBIA" tastefully combines elements of indie-pop, alt-pop, dream-pop, and folk-electronic to make a lasting impression on listeners.

"THALASSOPHOBIA" is an edgy confrontation of kate the dreamer's phobia, pushing sonic boundaries with a captivating soundscape. The track begins with an ethereal angst, featuring plunky guitar riffs and whisper-like vocals. Having a Billie Eilish-esque vibe, "THALASSOPHOBIA" starts off soft and reserved, building intensity to the song's fiery chorus. Backing the catchy melodic material in the chorus, infectious pop beats pound away, sounding like something in a dance club. "THALASSOPHOBIA" is a shorter track that leaves listeners begging for more and will certainly be played on repeat.

Katie Donnelly, professionally known as kate the dreamer, has been making waves in the indie-pop world. She began her music journey at a young age, playing guitar, clarinet, and piano. After discovering her true passion for songwriting, she began writing music in 7th grade, keeping what she wrote a secret until the end of her high school career. Donnelly spent countless days working a draining job and bouncing around several bands until she took a chance going solo, resulting in the launch of kate the dreamer. Since embarking on this journey in 2020, kate has collaborated with the likes of OSTON, Kevin Garrett, and FRENSHIP. She also has received placement in Hulu's Made By Her campaign in 2021. Some of her popular releases include "Sad Anymore," "familiar feeling," and "Even If (Intro). The start of kate the dreamer's career has been impressive, and she's definitely an artist to watch.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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