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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "That's How I Like It" - Nazzereene

"I feed my energy, just how I like it" is a common theme in today's world with more acceptance as well as emphasis on individualism and mental health awareness that has allowed others to express their mental struggles and their loneliness. This is translated very well on Nazzereene's new introspective single titled "That's How I Like It." Although the song packs a major punch in the headphones, the content has an attitude about it that really displays not caring about being single and independent especially from other people's opinions and problems. Many of these tendencies in people can be caused by heartbreak and lack of trust in others. The trust issues in life are real!

This song cannot be touched! This is a total gem in every way! The groovy tempo of the song is ear-grabbing as Nazzereene provides very dance-heavy vocals that ride the instrumentation so smoothly. The robotic voice effect that Nazzereene uses in the bridge of the song is such a nice contrast to the rest of the song structure which is sang more naturally. This song's mixing and mastering is super clean with all of the drums, synths and electric piano chords meshing super well together as an electro-pop track. This is the ultimate after-the-break-up tune!

Nazzereene is a singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia who has garnered quite a fanbase over time with electric electro-pop and dance-pop songs that have been received well by listeners. Nazzereene has released multiple singles including her 2020 single "Runaway" AND her 2021 single "Magnets" that have thousands of streams across all platforms. Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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