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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "That Song" - NIIVA

Are there certain songs that you associate with certain people? Perhaps, people that are no longer in your life? For pop artist, NIIVA, music serves as a memory trigger. Her favorite songs are tethered to those moments and people and experiences that were happening at the time when she heard them. In her latest track, "That Song," she puts this feeling to words, as she sings about how some of her favorite songs have been changed by those she has them associated with. How it is important to find new melodies that are not tainted by the people and experiences that were negative. If this is a sentiment that you can connect with, "That Song" is a track that you should listen to.

"That Song" is an engaging, electro-pop track about how NIIVA has lost songs she loved because she connects them with the negative exes in her life at the time and needs to find new melodies just for her to act as a "remedy" for this. She expresses this in the verses with lyrics like "What a shame / I hate my favorite song and you're to blame" and "The things I used to love drive me insane / What a shame." These heartfelt lyrics are backed by an exciting, dance beat production that kept me moving around in my seat. In the infectious refrain, she sings about how "That song used to make me move, ooh / Now all it does is make me think about you." Here, she dives into the experience of how people from our past can be tied to the things that we love. There can be good memories associated with these people and these songs, but in this track, NIIVA is experiencing the other side of that: she hates what she loved because of them. Between clear vocals, compelling hooks, and bittersweet lyrics, NIIVA has crafted a powerful pop anthem that everyone should be blasting and dancing around to in their bedrooms.

NIIVA is a Bulgarian-born, England-raised, and Canadian-based pop singer with a danceable sound similar to artists like Dua Lipa and Ava Max. She has been listed as iHeart Radio's Future Star and Amazon Music Canada's Breakthrough Artist. Her debut EP has earned over three million streams, and she has garnered over 50 thousand monthly listeners on her Spotify. With honest, relatable lyrics and infectious pop hooks, NIIVA has already made a mark on the music world, and I cannot wait to see what she does next. Keep up with all her latest releases and info at the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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