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  • Willow Gray

Review: "The Art Of Letting Go" - Neon Dreams x Matthew Mole

“The Art Of Letting Go” explores the intoxicating escape from reality that listening to music can offer young people. In everyday life, you may never feel quite safe enough to be comfortable. You often feel alone in crowded rooms or having to venture into the real world. However, there is something you have always found solace in: music. Your anxious feelings bubble up and feel like they consume you, but you can lean back on your favorite artists. Nostalgic wavelengths move through your headphones and soothe your soul. Unfamiliar joy from musical experiences calm you down enough to just let everything go. All your worries, cares, and anxieties just wash away after you allow yourself to melt into your favorite songs.

“The Art Of Letting Go” is an energetic commercial pop anthem that is as enjoyable and freeing as the music it describes. In the narrative, we are meant to accept music as a safe space to let go of our struggles and not let them be consuming. The energetic and uplifting elements that curated this single have forged a rhythm that soothes your soul. The first instrument we are introduced to is a ukulele accompanied alongside vocals. This builds up to an electric guitar that serves as the stand out element of the chorus next to the consistent drum beats. One of the most standout aspects of this single is the bridge and the transition into it. The ukulele from the beginning suddenly returns amongst vocal ad libs and speak-singing. What this leads to is a striking shift into reggae-inspired beats. These consistently energetic and soothing elements of before merge together through this bridge to cultivate an uplifting reggae twist.

Neon Dreams is a singer-songwriter duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia. For “The Art Of Letting Go”, they have collaborated with singer-songwriter Matthew Mole from Cape Town, South Africa. Neon Dreams first met in High School and quickly bonded over their shared interest in music. They formed their duo in 2015 and have since gone on to make music in a number of genres, including pop, rock, and reggae. After going viral in South Africa from their song “Life Without Fantasies”, they began touring and making even more of a name for themselves there. They met Matthew Mole not long after their success in South Africa. Mole became known after winning Converse sponsored “Get Out of the Garage” competition in 2012, and released his debut album in 2013. The duo and Mole gravitated towards each other and were determined to eventually collaborate with each other. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “The Art Of Letting Go” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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