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  • George McSherry

Review: "The Avenue" - Zane Penny

For a song rife with self-deprecation and melancholy, "The Avenue" is oddly comforting comparable to a cozy coffee shop where your ex works, or to a slow-swinging hammock in a graveyard. Though lyrically uncomplicated, Zane Penny's new track more than does itself justice in delivering raw emotion that exists just outside of being easily definable; the nuanced spirit lends the song a versatility that would see it be a welcome addition to any music lover's repertoire.

"The Avenue" pairs fleshed-out acoustic guitar and understated, crooning vocals to instill a soundscape of emotional balladry. The uncomplicated lyricism is rife with relatability, crafting silver pools of reminiscent nostalgia for you to sink into. The track finds a welcome, rich depth in the layering of bass, twanged six-string, and misty backing vocals. The track exists at the curious intersection of haunting and comforting as its poignant lyricism details the emotional tale.

Zane Penny is based in Anchorage, Alaska where he crafts his indie daydream folk-pop, referring to himself not as a singer-songwriter but rather as simply a "sound maker". I have been known to make a sound or two, but I wouldn't be so bold as to equate my ramblings to what Zane produces. That being said, I really don't mind what title he gives himself so long as he continues to craft these ephemeral bursts of melodic medicine.

Written By George McSherry



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