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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "The Best You'll Ever Have" - Katie Belle

If you want a dark pop track that perfectly executes the presentation of a partner who destroyed a relationship due to their own insecurities, look no further because artist Katie Belle brings you this gift. The latest single by Belle, “The Best You’ll Ever Have,” will grasp your attention with its dark sound. The lyricism as well is incredibly captivating, especially when it’s paired up with Belle’s smooth vocals. While the subject matter of the song presents a relationship that became unbearable, the song itself does have this empowering factor as it shows a level of self-respect for oneself. It’s a song that stands out from other breakup songs and it shows the unique factor that Belle brings to the game. “The Best You’ll Ever Have” is definitely a track that accomplishes what it sets out to do and should definitely be the next song you queue up.

The introduction of the song has the style of a vintage video game butting up and it makes the track capture attention instantly. It also adds to that empowering factor previously discussed because it shows how the speaker is able to present a strong front against her past partner. The style structure of the verse is very entertaining and Belle’s delivery of the lyrics during this section is what gives the song that dark twist. The chorus is incredibly catchy and leaves room for listeners to have fun with. Just like in the chorus, Belle’s delivery of the lyrics is what gives the track that extra kick that becomes so addictive. The bridge of the song leaves room for listeners to cool off and pay attention to how Belle’s voice is versatile and can achieve different patterns. Katie Belle’s latest single truly is something that shouldn’t be missed because her style and talent bring a freshness that really makes her stand out as an artist.

Katie Belle is an artist originally from Atlanta, Georgia who’s been making quite the name for herself for quite a while. She’s not just a musician, but a model as well. She stunned audiences as she participated in American Idol where she impressed artists like Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Her unique style has been widely recognized and has even led to her being admitted to The Recording Academy as a Grammy Voting member in 2022. What makes her stand out amongst artists is her songwriting ability and star-quality vocals. She’s passionate about being able to share her own story and that passion comes clear through her work. Katie Belle is definitely an artist to keep in mind because her craft has quite an impact.

Written By Chantal Charles


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