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  • Alison Holst

Review: "The Comfort of Falling" - Jewelia

“The Comfort of Falling” unveils a topic relating to the internal struggles we all face. One of the struggles being exactly the title, which is that we sometimes may find comfort in falling because it is all we know. We know ourselves enough to know when we've hit rock bottom, so there's almost a sense of relief when you know it can't get any worse than it is. Jewelia opens her heart and shares her vulnerability in navigating this idea amidst a beautifully crafted melody and rhythm.

The song has a relaxing opening, giving listeners the sense that “The Comfort of Falling” is sure to be an emotional listen. Not only relaxing the song has a delicate essence to it, developing the vulnerability the song contains. These aspects are very similar to songs of the artist Billie Eilish, particularly her song entitled “TV”. Throughout the song the voice of Jewelia guides listeners and never loses its power.

Originally from Romania, Jewelia now lives in London. Jewelia displays much of her lyrical talent and creativity, throughout her discography. She accomplishes the task of changing a simple phrase or concept into so much more. She does this in ways such as how in “The Comfort of Falling” she uses the lyric, “As the fruit begin to wrinkle one by one” as a way of signifying that time is passing by.

Written By Alison Holst



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