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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "The Devil's Advocate" - Lisa Humber

Artist Lisa Humber presents us with a new single, “The Devil’s Advocate,” that expresses the acceptance of past mistakes where warning signs were overlooked. The song’s story shows the strength that comes with accepting your past and making the choice to move forward. The song itself is fun and catchy, with its use of indie rock guitars that always bring nice vivid hues to any track. The melody really digs its way into your head, and it makes you want to sing along from the start. “The Devil’s Advocate” has a very dramatic tone to it which helps paint the artist's vision in a very clear form.

Using the song’s main hook in the introduction is always an interesting way to begin as it can make the song even more captivating to listeners. Lisa Humber has a very sweet tone of voice that she uses to put on an intense performance. Her voice matches the instrumentals of the song very well as everything blends to create a cohesive piece. The lyrical content itself is very clear in the story it tells. Certain lines express a high level of vulnerability that comes with accepting how blind one has been, and how willing they are to change now. “The Devil’s Advocate” is certainly an interesting song and a great way to introduce Lisa Humber’s artistry.

Lisa Humber is an artist based in Toronto. She has been working in the music industry for a long time as a stage manager and from there she gathered a lot of knowledge of how that world works. After the pandemic in 2020, Humber found a love for creating music and from that point, she began working hard and has released several works. Humber’s debut EP, The Space Between, was released in 2022 and received high praise from people in the industry. “The Devil’s Advocate is in collaboration with producer Justin Abedin whom Humber has worked with before. With “The Devil’s Advocate” Lisa Humber has reached a new point in her career and you’ll simply have to tune in to see what comes of this new chapter.

Written By Chantal Charles


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