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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "The Edge" - Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy has created a spunky yet deep cutting song, "The Edge". Ben writes about the anxieties he was feeling during a time in his life. He says, "Forcing myself to go out to gigs to meet and ask strangers if they'd work with me, it took so much out of me id have to drink before to get the courage to even speak. This eventually lead to me missing the train. Then the cycle repeated itself, daily. The chorus ' It's not just another night out, it seems like it's every time now' was about that very cycle". Thinking about how it can be so draining to make your dreams come true, Ben pushes himself to "The Edge" to try to make his way in the world, but it begins to weigh on him. This song is relatable in that sense, of wanting to do anything for your dream even though at times you are pushing others away, but he reflects back on this now.

"The Edge" has a soft build with a gentle layer of drums pounding like a heartbeat. Ben's voice comes in swinging with emotion. It is gentle, as if he is pouring out everything that he has felt his entire life. As the track continues, he gains strength, and his voice expands with the melody. Becoming a force that is telling a story, Ben opens up to share everything he has experienced. We can feel a breakthrough by the time we get to the chorus; the pain has been released. Ben is putting every ounce of himself into this song. But by the end, all of the instruments come together and create a peaceful ending, soft like the beginning but leaving us with this feeling of self-reflection as every sound dwindles out.

23-year-old Ben Murphy is a rising singer and songwriter who is able to beautifully capture emotion and experiences from his own unique perspective. This North-West London-based artist has discovered his own talent for natural storytelling. With two singles now in his discography, "All I Do" and now "The Edge", we can’t wait to see what he will put out next. He was able to write most of "The Edge" when he missed the last train home after a night out and let his feelings out onto an old broken piano in London's Euston Station. Don’t forget to follow Ben Murphy below to learn more about this amazing talent and listen to both of his singles!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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