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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "The Edge" - Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay’s song, “The Edge,” is an upbeat pop song about learning a life lesson. In Shay’s case, it was being in a toxic romantic relationship. One of the aspects that makes this song so great though is how relatable it is. Even if it’s not in romance, we all have been too close to the edge in some situations. For instance, you may have waited too long to complete an important task for work or school. Our actions have a tendency to catch up with us and put us into unfavorable territory. However, the relief that comes from making things right means that we will know better in the future.

The overall mood of the song is very bright and happy. The instrumentation is reminiscent of an early 2000's pop song. The upbeat feel of the song really matches Natalie's message well. In the verses, Shay reflects on her situation and how negative it was. By the time the chorus comes around, the relief of getting out of the toxic relationship and finding herself again makes Shay want to get up and dance. Additionally, I feel that emotion was also displayed in Shay’s voice. She has very strong vocals throughout the whole song. I personally really enjoy her strength in the chorus.

Natalie Shay is a critically acclaimed and award-winning pop artist from North London who is known for her incredible live performances and incredibly catchy and relatable ballads. In her time at the BRIT School, Shay perfected her craft of writing and producing music. It is safe to say that her hard work paid off because you can definitely hear her musical talent on this track. If you want to hear a different side of Shay, listen to “everything’s been happening.” The song views romance in a different light compared to “The Edge.” Instead of being happy that the relationship has ended, Shay is struggling to move forward and sings out her negative emotions. Whether you're feeling good or bad, Natalie has a song that you can relate to. She has an upcoming headline show in London on March 3rd 2023 at Omeara, so check out her socials below for more details!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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