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  • George McSherry

Review: "The Feeling's Mutual" - Emmrose

You need not stand by a mistake simply because you spent a long time making it. New York native Emmrose drives that very point home in her new release "The Feeling's Mutual" where she pens the relatability of realizing your value and taking the courage to make yourself a priority in the face of a socially vampiric "friendship". The anthemic indie pop track swims through the shifting emotions of making such tough decisions, guiding us through the peaks and troughs of platonic love that we often think will last forever.

Low, steady, and full, organ sounds fill the stripped-back space at the pop ballad's opening. The ambiance intertwines with understated vocals that crystalize the raw emotions just as well in the still of the intro as they do in the fervor of the chorus where the palpable crescendo establishes the crooned cathartic release. Bubbling bass, layered with simple percussion fosters infectious energy in the post-chorus, reminiscent of the powerful, stadium-swaying performances of Florence + The Machine.

Tracing her musical beginnings back to a solitary, beckoning piano in the halls of Sunday School, Emmrose has spent almost a decade of her young life devoted to fine-tuning her captivating indie-pop signature that strikes a curious balance of whimsy and maturity. Seventeen-year-old Manhattan native Emmrose is currently signed to Secret Road music services, under which she has released a steady stream of singles, continuing to bolster her diverse international fanbase.

Written By George McSherry



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