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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "The Florist" - Abby Sage

Connection is beautiful. We can see how hundreds of people contribute to making something whole every moment. Even in our rooms, we can see each piece of furniture or technology, print and poster, and how every flower bouquet or plant pot on our windowsill makes the space brighter. Every single thing is the work of someone who cares to bring a little more dynamic to our day. We can see this within "The Florist" by Abby Sage, as the track details how a florist brings beauty into people's lives with flowers through this soulful indie mood.

This track, "The Florist" is soulful and indie--it's a flowy tune that makes you feel light with her intentionally impassive vocals and gentle melody. Sage sings, "Call the florist up to make something pretty of it". The lyric shows the narrative of a florist making the old and faded rooms into something of wonder with the addition of flowers. It's the idea of how we can always make something dull into something beautiful, kind of like how Sage views herself as someone who wants to fix things that are broken. "The Florist" is comforting, something that makes you want to cuddle into yourself as you listen to it. It's the perfect combination of dreamy and tender. Her vocals are uniquely stunning; she showcases her control with this track and meshes it together with the drumbeat and compassionate feel.

Abby Sage taps into observation and turns it into art. This upcoming EP "The Florist", titled after this newest release, is inspired by her love of character sketches, with each song acting as a little narrative. We're witnesses as much as we are participants in this world, and this titular track, "The Florist" offers us that. With its intimacy, "The Florist" gives us a picture of what to expect as she takes on this new era of her artistic abilities. The LA-based singer provides her soft voice with a powerful introspection in her music, making her unlike any other artist and someone to look out for. Her upcoming EP is set to be released on October 21st.

Written by Jane Katryn



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