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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "The Greatest Escape (Ever)" - Jay Moussa-Mann

I like to have honest talks with my mother. She’s not always a fan of these talks, but she understands that they’re a necessary part of our bonding. In one of our talks years ago, she told me my siblings and I were her greatest accomplishment in life. While I am flattered beyond words, I’m also heartbroken for her – my mother only has a sense of identity and purpose because of us. If we didn’t exist, she wouldn’t know how to live for herself. Not knowing how to live for yourself is one of the greatest human tragedies a person can experience. And that’s why I’m grateful for artists like Jay Moussa-Mann who advocate for being unapologetically yourself. Listeners get to hear this advocacy in her latest single, “The Greatest Escape (Ever)”.

“The Greatest Escape (Ever)” is a spunky pop single about the wave of serenity that washes over us when we begin living for ourselves. The song opens with an upbeat melody that hooks while Moussa-Mann showcases her impressive pipes by vocalizing. This melody is the perfect embodiment of what this serenity feels like when we begin living outside of others’ expectations of us. The first verse then drops, with the second verse right behind it. Within these verses, listeners learn that the artist had taken a summer trip that felt more like a sweet escape due to the fact that they didn’t have to uphold anyone’s perception or idea of them. Even remarking, “Isn’t it nice? / No one telling us what to do”. The chorus then brings on a wonderful epiphany; life can be like this all the time. In latter verses, we get to hear Moussa-Man’s personal aspiration of wanting to “be like Maisie” Peters, while admitting that the journey to living for yourself can be difficult. And has even taken her a few attempts. This honesty is refreshing and makes listeners feel closer to the artist. And I would like to highlight the music video for a moment, too. I love that the music video for “The Greatest Escape (Ever)” includes Moussa-Mann in scenes from The Fugitive and Thelma & Louise, two iconic movies about escaping from bleak circumstances. It demonstrates the artist’s excitement for the newfound journey of self-discovery and provides an abundance of hope for those who haven’t taken that plunge yet.

Jay Moussa-Mann is a U.K. based artist with roots in Turkey. The artist’s music captures her diverse background and the experiences she had. Her first introduction to listening audiences was in 2018 on BBC Radio Tees. This was followed up by having several of her singles featured on BBC 6 Music. By 2021, Moussa-Mann was a Sage Summer Studio’s alumni and awarded the Help Musicians U.K.' Do It Differently Fund. If you’ve enjoyed the artist’s music as much as I have, you can show Moussa-Mann some virtual love by downloading and listening to their newly released pop album, Jay Moussa-Mann. The album centers on her self-liberation from social and societal expectations that have hindered her self-expression and growth. It's the perfect inspirational album to listen to on days when you feel like rescinding into old, bad habits.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille


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