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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "The Last Time" - Boy In Space

“Darling you never really got the best of me.” In this introduction to the song, Boy in Space almost seems apologetic to his significant other. As he relays more of the story, strings are added to the mix and it’s shaping up to be quite the musical feature. There begins to be this buildup of expectation, waiting to see what instruments or beats will be added next to the song. This is definitely one to be listened to with ear buds or headphones, it’s a total experience. Speaking about his latest single, Boy in Space stated ““The Last Time’ was written during a quite difficult time in my life, and the song became an outlet of what I was going through while also taking on a life of its own. A breakup story and a nostalgic description of what could be the last moment together, leaving trails of betrayal and a feeling of being let down.” “You told me, now I’m sinking through the floor.” So, with this new information concerning the makeup of the song in mind, this line now holds new meaning. It goes beyond being told that the relationship is over, more than likely the lover in question has just informed Boy in Space of their infidelity.  

This information makes the chorus all the more heartbreaking. Boy in Space sings “Hold tight, this could be the last time.” It’s here we see what Boy in Space spoke of before about looking back on your last encounter with someone you probably never thought you’d have to say goodbye to. We also hear Boy In Space proclaiming “It’s okay, even if my heart breaks. There's still time for mistakes. Burning all the proof.” It appears Boy in Space isn’t ready to let go of the relationship. We get this sense further with the lines “Talking to me, talking to you, until my lips are blue.” He seems to want to keep talking to his love interest, lips being blue is a clear sign of a depravity of oxygen. Perhaps this analogy represents the wasted potential of using your oxygen to talk to someone who would only let you down in the end. “Cause you would leave me in a snap. And I would never do that.” This brings more tension into the picture as we peel back the layers of this relationship and see where Boy in Space is coming from. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with the person in question, but now that option has been taken away. So, we get the resolve of “Fall out of love, fall out of you.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the song ended with these lines. He has come to terms with what is happening and is choosing to “fall out of love”, so to let them go and move on. There are so many ways to process a past relationship and to reflect on both you and your former partner’s actions during that relationship, thinking about red flags you ignored then that are so obvious to you now. When speaking further about the song, he is quoted as saying “I tried to capture that feeling of bittersweet heartbreak, when you want to laugh and cry at the same time." I feel that Boy in Space captures that feeling perfectly speaking about “kissing” in one line but then in another mentioning how his love would “leave him in a snap.” And, furthermore, that he would never have done the same to them. It’s a roller coaster of emotion that, again, does finally end with that resolve of falling out of love and out of them.  



Swedish by nature, Robin Lundbäck , or, as we know him, Boy in Space, was born in 1994 in his hometown of Alingsås. Alingsås serves as his hometown as well as where his musical adventure began and continues. Lundbäck spent some time in the boy band JTR with his brothers John and Tom, with them taking part in the fifth season of X Factor Australia and even embarking on a world tour together. The band released two albums but seems to be on a hiatus of sorts, as Robin has been releasing solo music since 2018. While discussing this song, Lundbäck also noted a shift in both his life as well as his music - “I view this relaunch as an opportunity for self-improvement in both my musical journey and personal life. With a brand new team and attitude - I'm so excited to finally be working towards something stable and inspiring while putting my imprint on today's pop sound.” I do believe he is doing just that with the pieces of art that he’s already released as well as those that he has yet to. Currently, Lundbäck’s online presence boasts 8,000 followers on Facebook, 51,000 followers on Instagram, over 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, 3,000 followers on Tik Tok, and 105,000 subscribers on YouTube. I now count myself as a part of those 1,000,000 monthly listeners. If you’d like to count yourself amongst them as well, follow Robin on all of his socials below!  

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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