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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "The Longest Goodbye" - Rosie Darling

"The Longest Goodbye" comes as a track off of rising pop artist Rosie Darling's debut album Lanterns that just released earlier this November. The heartfelt song chronicles Darling's feelings after a breakup, as she tries to move on and say goodbye. Heartbreak is a universal experience, and if you are reeling from the hurt of a relationship ending, Darling enscapsulates this experience in a form that will resonate deeply. With an indie bedroom pop sound, I was drawn in from the start. Each authentic lyric and note is woven together to form a musical tapestry of heartbreak, longing, nostalgia, and regret.

Here in "The Longest Goodbye," Darling opens up about lingering and reflecting on a relationship from the past as she tries to move on from it. Over a sad pop production laden with keys and strings, emotive vocals sing honest lyrics like "Just 'cause I never see you / Don't mean I learned to leave you" and "This might take me my whole life / You're the longest goodbye." Losing someone can cut deeply. It can be hard to let that person go and accept that it's time to move on. Rosie Darling puts into poignant words the experience of enduring the pain of moving on from a relationship. If you have ever wondered about the "what ifs" and "what nexts" of a breakup, this song is for you.

Rosie Darling is a Los Angeles-based pop artist that released her first single in 2017. Since then, she has amassed over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Her confessional-style songwriting, rich vocals, and minimal pop production has earned her millions of streams as well. Her debut album Lanterns stands out from her earlier work as the most vulnerable and introspective that she's ever been in the songwriting process. If you enjoyed "The Longest Goodbye," make sure to check out the rest of the album. You can also keep up with all the latest information on Rosie Darling with the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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