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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "The Nice Guy" - Geena Gangi

Geena Gangi takes us through the honeymoon phase, and the souring of a relationship in her new song "The Nice Guy." It's all about the feeling of meeting someone that feels like a dream, but slowly different facets of who this person truly is comes to life the more time you spend with them. Gangi dives into the human psyche of emotions, and pulls out easily relatable feelings. These include the feeling of being used, alone, and feeling numb to how a person is treating you.

The track features an upbeat pop instrumentation led by guitars, a bright sounding drum kit, whirling synths and Gangi's unique voice at the front. The lyrics dive into how Gangi feels she could've possibly made this person up in her mind, "I almost thought I made you up // Didn't think that I, was good enough // I should've known." To realizing maybe this person isn't who they seem, "But you were playing games with me // Did your true colors let me seek // Was that all I was back then, an arcade prize for you to win?" To finally watching this person who hurt you continue to make face and act like there's nothing wrong, "Convincing everyone, that you're still the nice guy." The most unique part of the song however comes right at the beginning of the track. It is a voice memo that gives insight to how Gangi feels after the whole situation has unfolded, "It's sort of about, how you can't really see the full context of how you're being treated until you're kind of out of it."

Geena Gangi is an alt-pop artist based in Los Angeles, California. "The Nice Guy," is her first single of 2022. It comes after "Luna" featuring Mike Walsh, which came out in early 2021. Gangi is an avid screenwriter, who is using her ability to tell stories through her music. Gangi lists her biggest inspirations as Taylor Swift, Lizzy McAlpine, and Colbie Caillat. Gangi's unique voice is sure to skyrocket her into stardom.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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