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  • Megan Cao

Review: "the ocean (i could die)" - Peri Rae

“the ocean (i could die)” is a beautiful ode to the untamable unstoppable ocean, focusing on how nature draws us in to see all of its spectacular beauty. As Rae shares her very personal story of moving from her hometown, where societal pressure jeopardized her own mental health, to her newfound coast home, we see the vulnerability and hope that begins with closing the chapter on one story and starting another. With the bittersweet melody of moving forward while letting go of familiar things, the emotion she carries with her brings a depth even without a lyrical component, easy to listen to and empathize with.

A beautifully dreamy soundscape with an intimate and grounding nature carries throughout the piece, reminding listeners of the might and beauty of the ocean. From the tender plucked acoustic guitar providing a delicate touch to the airy and wispy vocals from Rae, the song strives towards a yearning to live. With violin strings, firm shaken percussion, and deep orchestral twangs, these mellow instruments entwine into a beautiful cascading serenade that invokes the fresh air of the coast, the feel of saltwater on your face, and the ebb and flow of the waves.

Using her formative experiences to write guitar and vocal-driven indie-rock songs, Peri Rae is determined to delve into the more intimate details of her life and how she views the world around her. With an infectious personality and relatable lyrics, she’s connected to audiences everywhere, garnering attention through TikTok. Not one to shy away from live performances, she’s opened for Alfie Templeman, played at BBC Introducing Features, and plentiful other live show performances. “the ocean (i could die)” came together organically with the assistance of co-writer Chris Bourne, known for his work with Busted and Hollywood Ending. Recording at the renowned White Star Studio in Virginia with accomplished producer John Trainum, Rae’s music takes on a rich and professional quality, a testament to her own prowess and the exceptional talent she attracts.

Written By Megan Cao


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