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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "The Script" - Sara Ángel

Let’s take a look at Sara Ángel’s brand new enchanting single entitled, “The Script.” The entire track plays on the metaphor of a previous relationship to a written story or “script.” As a result, many lyrics contain layered figures of speech. For example, one of the first lines of the song reads as follows, “Did you simply replace the character played by me by hers truly?” Here, Sara not only integrates the metaphor of the song seamlessly, but explains her role has been filled by someone else without much thought or consideration. Sara Ángel herself had this to say about the meaning of the track, “This song is about seeing the special moments you created in your past relationship being recreated with someone new, post breakup.” Comprehensively, the entire song does an excellent job of displaying its themes of conditional love and disposability inside succinct and well-written lyrics. Another great example of this is the following line, "I wonder if she knows how the story goes." These words directly address the next victim of "The Script." Consequently, many listeners will be able to relate to the disheartening feelings Sara is grappling with in “The Script.”

The emotional tone of the song carries a mixture of sadness and reflection. This is as a result of the evocative piano instrumentals and passionately smooth vocals of Sara Ángel. The drums on “The Script” become increasingly more prevalent as the track meets its crescendo. Perhaps this could also be mimicking the feelings of frustration she felt throughout the relationship which the song concerns. The drums work to dramatize the music; this choice fits perfectly with the consistent use of a metaphor to plays or scripts. Although, one thing to take away from this review is Sara Ángel’s fantastic voice. It definitely elevates the track to another level.

Sara Ángel’s impressive bilingual discography showcases her vocals in both Spanish and English. Her music catalog is filled with lots of hits with some of her most successful being “Might sound Crazy” and “Creo Que Voy A Llorar.” Sara has accumulated an impressive 5k monthly Spotify listeners and 23k Youtube subscribers. As stated previously, her vocals are truly something special and it certainly won’t be surprising to see her continue to gain traction in the music industry. If you listened to “The Script” and are as impressed as I am, use the links below to follow Sara Ángel on all of her social media. Hitting that follow button ensures you will stay up to date with her latest releases and don’t forget, your support helps artists continue to create the music you love!

Written By Casey Hascup



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