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  • Megan Cao

Review: "The Sunglasses Song" - DULCIE

“The Sunglasses Song” is the perfect jam to a day of lazing around a porch, a beach, or the lake. Summer seems endless, and nothing else screams summer besides sunglasses. DULCIE’s fun, upbeat and feel-good indie hit reminds listeners not to take life too seriously and enjoy life as it comes rather than obsess over planning down to every last-minute detail. DULCIE's reminder comes at a vital time when it's easy to become concerned about the state of affairs of the nation, the planet, and so so much more. But despite the need to act now, people still should be allowed the time and space to sit down, relax, and have fun as they get away from their busy lives.

The song’s slow start with the groovy bassline and chirping birds first seems to be a comforting wake-up call, only for the sound of an opening door to reveal steady beats and a deeper bassline. DULCIE beautifully creates a story that's familiar to each of us, as everyone remembers the everlasting nature of summer when they were a kid. DULCIE’s beautifully radiant vocals are clean and charismatic, full of confidence and happiness, reminding you of summers with your friends, your families, and loved ones. DULCIE’s styling of electro-funk and indie-pop becomes apparent as the fuzzy electric guitar solo brings high energy all the way through.

DULCIE is a Midlands UK-based singer-songwriter who combines soulful R&B vocals and insightful lyricism with feel-good electro-pop and funk instrumentation to create a fresh and genre-blending sound. Inspired by the likes of BENEE, Anderson Paak, SZA, and Remi Wolf, her music radiates good vibes and is guaranteed to hook you with its irresistibly catchy melodies. “The Sunglasses Song” is DULCIE’s exciting third single after the ground-breaking success of her two previous tracks emerging on four official Spotify playlists and over 30,000 streams. DULCIE continuously challenges herself to create music that speaks to her, and in turn, speaks to her fans.

Written By Megan Cao


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