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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "The Weather" - The Collection

"I deserve to be well," David Wimbish sang on "Medication," the lead single of The Collection's forthcoming album, Little Deaths. While the band continued to point towards a ray of hope, their return was notably softer in its vulnerability than their previous record. The group's 2023 EP, How to Survive an Ending, saw them embrace bright and colorful indie-pop to find new beginnings in a post-pandemic world. "I'm redefining what is good," they asserted triumphantly on "Rose Colored Glasses." With their upcoming record, however, these powerful forces — joy, growth, hope, and loss — escape clear definition. "The Weather," their latest single, is their most complex recognition of internal experience. The Collection reground themselves in their folk beginnings, layering lush layers of Wimbish's vocals overtop fingerpicked acoustic guitar. With a gorgeous chorus bedded in horns, sparkling keys, and thumping drums, "The Weather" is as sonically stunning as it is lyrically rich.

Over ten years into their careers, The Collection have come to champion Aristotle's famous quote, "the more you know, the more you realize you don't know." The complexity of human experience and perspective cloud the subject's of their songs, like figures in a snow globe. "The Weather" begins with a simple premise: "you're calling me and you wanna catch up." But reconnection is a difficult process, and one our narrator might not be fully prepared for at the moment. "So, until I'm better, / maybe we can talk about the weather," he sings on the chorus. It's a moment of true vulnerability: opening the door, but only a crack. Sometimes baby steps are the most mature route to getting better.

Little Deaths, The Collection's forthcoming record, was recorded in Nashville with producer Jeremy Lutito and engineer Reid Leslie. This collaboration opened the band up to a richer, fuller palette of unique instrumentation. Using duct-tape pianos, dark synths, rubber-bridged guitars, among other instruments, Little Deaths is the band's most intimate sound yet. Prior to "The Weather," they released three other singles, including "Medication," "Spark of Hope," and "Rain it Down." While the soaring pop of their 2023 EP has not evaporated, it has concentrated into a softer vulnerability in this new set of songs.

Written By Andy M.

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