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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "thing" - Belz

In today’s dating culture, it’s become common to have these unlabeled relationships. “thing” is about this in-between stage of not officially dating and dating. These types of situations often become confusing and hard to navigate and most people get stuck in a position they don’t want. Belz’s new single focuses on how sometimes we try to convince ourselves that were ok with being this “thing” even though you have stronger feelings toward the person. This emotionally charged song is a bouncy and relatable tune that is perfect for the going back to school season.

Listen to "thing" here:

Starting with dreamy and airy vocals, “thing” can easily be mistaken for an Ariana Grande hit. This single has all the right elements that give off the same vibe as the well-known pop singer. Low-key bass lines and catchy snaps keep this track light and fun while also supplying good signs of pop writing. Belz is chill and very much giving “cool girl” vibes from her lax attitude about the situationship she is singing about. My favorite lyrics were, “But let’s not take it to serious/ because if I get hurt it’s gonna sting/ no one ever got hurt by a thing”. These lines perfectly summed up the thought process that goes into relationships. It seems simple, almost as if we think that if they is no label, then we can’t get hurt the same way. I liked the honesty of these lines that Belz was not afraid to share.

Belz is a young Boston native who is currently studying at the prestigious NYU. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter has grown up being involved in music from a young age. She says that she has been studying voice, piano, and guitar since she was 10, and ever since she picked it up, she’s been playing live shows around New England. The new starlet hopes to share music that is relatable and makes people happy. Follow along with Belz as she grows further in the music industry!

Written By Emily Hancock



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