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  • Willow Gray

Review: "think about it" - Heather Sommer

“Think about it” indulges into theorizing about how your younger self may have thought about your drastic life changes. It wasn’t too long ago when your current life was just a fantasy. You imagined what differences a drastic cross-country move would make to your life, but they remained as theories. Now that the dust has settled and you’ve begun your journey in a new place, you find yourself trying to recall your old emotions. You have experienced many exciting and new things, but your past mindset seems so foreign to you now. There are new things you do each day that would have been incomprehensible to yourself just a year ago. In the new city lights, you contemplate what your past self may have imagined and if it resembled your current feelings. You may have felt a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, or nothing like it at all. With no set answer, it is comforting to imagine that you would have been proud of your current life.

“Think about it” is a pop rock dream pop anthem that resembles a nostalgic feel that reflects its lyricism. This venture into indie-pop-rock sounds feels both nostalgic and brand-new. The instrumentation resembles times like “Mid-summer ‘99”, which Heather Sommer displays and looks back on with fond familiarity. We are introduced to consistent contemplation on a past life as we venture into the present day. We begin with a gradual instrumental build-up accompanied by simple vocalizations. For each verse or chorus change, new instruments and harmonizations are sprinkled in. Each new incorporation pulls every element together so they blend into one experience.

Heather Sommer is a singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles, California. She is a fully independent music artist and has garnered an impressive name within the music industry. She has amassed almost 100 million streams across multiple music streaming platforms. Her music spans different genres and this is reflected in her three EPs and singles. Her music has been featured in many Spotify Editorial playlist such as Hot Acoustics and Chill Pop. She has garnered an impressive and dedicated fan base across multiple social media platforms. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “think about it” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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