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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "This Is It" - Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams defines love in the simplest terms in their latest single, “This Is It”. Throughout the track, lead singer, Frank Kadillac, discusses the notion that we do not love others for their wealth, fame, or even the butterflies in our stomachs. Instead, he joyfully sings that we love because it is our truth. In the chorus, the band rejects the shallow reasons to love, and focuses on the honest truth. Kadillac sings, “You love her cause your heart// Said that its true” and “You love her cause your heart said, ‘This is it.’” Then in the verses, the lyrics describe the way this person makes them feel. True love is the warm sun on a cloudy winter day. It is the shining light in a darkened room. The unrelenting comfort when facing trying times. The second verse is compiled of exceptionally vulnerable and deep lyrics that are sure to blow away every listener when they hear it. Kadillac proclaims, “When you walk in light// All my demons hide// When you get too close// They get terrified// When I’m feeling low// You’re right there to hold me.” This love that they are singing about is not a simple puppy love or blind infatuation, but the love of a person that means a great deal to them. Someone who is always there for them and will never leave their side. This is the type of love that when you look at them, you just know “this is it.” This is your forever person, and you are never letting each other go. “This Is It” is a perfect love song that describes exactly how an individual feels once they know they truly found “the one.”

“This Is It” radiates such a strong, optimistic energy that automatically consumes the audience with feelings of joy and serenity. The track kicks off with the mesmerizing vocals singing the first part of the chorus before being met with the ukelele. The instrument’s chords land on the upbeat, bringing in the reggae sound the band is known for. After the first measure, Kadillac releases a lighthearted laugh that enhances the easygoing vibe found in the track. After the first four lines of the chorus, the song switches gears by entering the verse. This is when the drums are introduced, and the added bass picks up in the background. In the verses, Kadillac transitions between singing and rapping. This provides a unique dynamic to the track while showcasing his versatile talent. Throughout the song, the elated energy remains at an all-time high, spreading the happiness to every listener. With “This Is It”, Neon Dreams highlight their innate ability to create laidback, breezy music that fills audiences with an undeniable positivity.

Neon Dreams is a genre-blending group from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band consists of front man, Frank Kadillac, and drummer, Adrian Morris. Their music is a perfect mix of alternative, pop, folk, funk, hip-hop, and reggae. Their songs consist of honest lyrics that tell the truth about love, trauma, and life. In 2015, the band was formed and they released their debut track. Since then, the band has blown up to the size that they are today. With over 20 million streams, a gold record, and over 1 million followers across all platforms, Neon Dreams have proven to have a dedicated fanbase. They have released a handful of singles, and a total of four LP albums. “This Is It” is the 6th track on their latest album, Love Child Baby Dolphin. The album was released on January 20, 2023, and includes 9 infectious tracks that fans will want to play on an endless loop.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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