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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "This Is Who We Are" - Sophia Bavishi

Have you ever had a love-hate relationship with someone? You love them dearly, but you also can’t stand them? You might start to develop those feelings within the relationship or after the relationship. Different people each handle these types of relationships differently; it can bring the two together stronger than they've ever been before, or it can end with one of them walking away and giving up. Sometimes you have to let someone go because the longer the relationship goes on, the more you despise them. But in some circumstances, they drive you crazy but they’re also still all you could ever want. “This Is Who We Are” by Sophia Bavishi is the epitome of that kind of love-hate relationship.

“This Is Who We Are” has that perfect pop and moody mixture to its sound. It makes you want to scream your feelings out when listening because of how relatable the lyrics are. The lyrics are powerful, and Bavishi has a great attitude in her tone when singing them. You can tell she has passion through her strong and emotional vocals. The lyrics, “All I want is you / cause you drive me crazy / I fucking hate you” can resonate with many people when it comes to someone you love but also have some hatred against. Though the lyrics might not be totally positive, the music has a bit of an upbeat and catchy vibe that makes you want to jam along with the song in your room, in the shower, or in the car. This is definitely a song you’d want to add in your “hate him but love him” playlist.

Sophia Bavishi is a live digital performer and an indie-pop singer-songwriter. The past 6 years of her life, she’s been writing, recording, and producing music. Her first single, “Ya We Broke Up” was released in early 2021. Throughout the past couple of years, she’s released several singles including "This Is Who We Are" which is her seventh release and her first song of the year 2023. Her music has been described as moody and mid-tempo pop. She’s performed at local venues in Arizona where she attends college at Arizona State University, studying music of course! She is currently exploring new sounds and creating concepts for digital performing. If you’re looking for new music that incorporates technology and traditional music, make sure to check out Sophia Bavishi!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng


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