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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "This Time Last Year" - Laura Marano

Patience is a virtue. For Laura Marano fans, their patience has finally paid off with the release of her latest single, “This Time Last Year”. After teasing the track at the end of her latest EP, and performing it on her headlining tour earlier this year, she has released the full-length studio version of the fan favorite. The highly-anticipated single gives insight on a difficult break-up in which moving on seems impossible. Marano has an innate talent of writing vulnerable lyrics that naturally evoke tears in the listener’s eyes. “This Time Last Year” brings her style of songwriting to a whole new level when she sings, “You said this year you would’ve asked that big famous question// We both know that I would’ve told you yes.” These heartbreaking lyrics reveal that not only was she and her ex-boyfriend deeply in-love, but that they had discussed marriage. The song reveals that everything fell apart when Marano could not always be around due to work, and her ex-boyfriend used it as fuel for arguments. The track is composed of such strong imagery that the listener is easily transported into Marano’s shoes, and feels the heartbreak with her. “This Time Last Year” is another outstanding addition to Marano’s discography, and showcases her phenomenal songwriting.

“This Time Last Year” is a unique track that stands out amongst Marano’s previous releases. She co-wrote this song with music producer, Blake Straus. This track was the first time they had ever worked together, so Marano came into the writing session prepared with a developed verse and pre-chorus. Straus took her idea, and spun it into the production heard on the finished track. The song begins with a soft acoustic guitar that is then slowly met with an electric guitar at the pre-chorus. Then in the chorus, the song explodes with the guitar and the drums, creating an energetic melody that remains lodged in the minds of listeners. Marano’s powerful vocals lead the emotional track, showing off her impeccable range and her ability to appeal to the listener’s emotions. Her decision to delay the release of this song, rather than keeping it as a deep-cut on her previous EP, is a perfect example of her remarkable instincts. Instead, because it is now a lead single, “This Time Last Year” is given the spotlight it deserves.

Laura Marano is a singer-songwriter and classically-trained musician. In 2019, Marano dropped her debut EP, Me. Then in 2020, she released her second EP, You. These two projects combine to show that “there are always two sides to every story”. In 2021, she released a deluxe You EP. Most recently in July 2022, she released the surprising third chapter, Us. Currently, fans await the release of her upcoming debut album, set for release in Spring 2023. Marano is well-known for her role as Ally in the hit Disney Channel series, Austin & Ally. She has starred in many movies such as The Perfect Date, Saving Zoe, which she also produced, and The War With Grandpa. Her most recent film was Netflix Original The Royal Treatment. She has many ongoing projects between her music and acting career.

Written By Karlee Smith



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