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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Thought I Knew You Better" - V?k

"Thought I Knew You Better" by Italian artist V?k is a lively dance-pop song. The song is about wracking your brain about why you used to like someone who clearly didn't deserve your love and attention. But instead of feeling down, you realize that they were never good for you. The song is about realizing that they were the problem, and you were not. In fact, you don't even know if you really knew them at all or if you created a fantasy in your head of what you wish they were. It's time to let go of the past, because they weren't worth your time anyway. The blithe tone of this song makes the listener feel empowered, and the lyrics add on to the confident feeling. This is a song your friend would show you after someone did you dirty to make you realize your worth and put you in a feel-good mood. Realizing your self-worth is a powerful thing, and I think this track encapsulates the feeling of giving yourself some credit where credit is due! Admitting that they were the one who changed and messed up your connection, not you.

Instrumentally, this song is comparable to late 1970's disco, just with a modern kick. The first thing I thought of while listening to this song was Michael Jackson's fifth studio album "Off the Wall", specifically the title track off that album. The full smooth sounding voice of V?k is very pleasant on the ears. The modern-disco style of this song fits perfectly with his vibrato subtle vibrato. It tells a relatable story of the feeling of falling apart before you dust yourself off and put yourself back together. If you had a fling in the past that just wasn't right for you, this is song you can relate to. It's a fun, unique song that you can dance to instead of mope around.

European artist V?k got his start releasing music in 2019, with debut single "Shadows". Originally from Italy but migrating to the U.K, he cites his biggest influences in music are Shawn Mendes, Sam smith, and Alessia Cara. V?k got his start on YouTube posting covers to popular songs like "I don't want to" by Alessia Cara. V?k is open about his queerness and sings candidly about his experiences with it. He notes his goal is to explore comfort, but also touch on the discomfort of life and stimulate thought, conversations, and action in people.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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