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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Thought I Was Happy" - Sanna Martinez

An important aspect to Sanna’s music is that there is always a story or message behind it. “Thought I was Happy” is no exception, as it is a ballad that explores deep personal topics related to Sanna’s mental health. The song gets relatable on a vulnerable level and she sings about an experience many listeners can relate to. The premise of the song is that Sanna believed that she was happy and in a good place, but she became overcome by an overwhelming sense of sadness and anxiety. These feelings were not only unexpected but also intense and emotionally consuming. Throughout the song Sanna's pain is evident through the emotion she expresses through both her lyrics, and most importantly her voice.

"Thought I Was Happy", starts out soft with a focus on the piano. This is crucial, as it sets the tone up for the entire song. Furthermore, it establishes that the song will follow the structure of ballad, and thus it will contain strong emotion. The song delivers on the emotional content that is promised upon the opening, when it reaches the chorus. In the chorus Sanna fully gets into the melody, and take listeners through the personal story she is trying to convey. Her vocals express all of the pain she writes about so beautifully, and it feels as though the song is coming straight from her heart.

Sanna Martinez is a singer-songwriter, who is in no way new to the music scene. Sanna has had much experience in the past working as both an artist and songwriter on many hits that have been played all around the world. She's also been involved in song contests and other things of the sort, that showed the promise of her talent as a musician. Sanna has even received musical experience in an academic setting, as she studied at Dreamhill Music Academy. Sanna now has her debut EP out and into the world for all to listen to.

Written By Alison Holst



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