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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Thread" - Bambii Lamb

Broken trust is an immensely painful experience, and often, it’s an experience that can lead to rage and revenge. Sometimes it's just easier to act out in anger instead of being the bigger person. The latest single by Bambii Lamb “Thread” is a song that combines the fun sound of alt-pop with the sour taste of betrayal in the lyrics. The track shows a high level of creativity that Bambii Lamb possesses and explores in her sound. The song feels as if there is a ticking time bomb of emotions waiting to explode and that imagery is pushed by the production on this track. This is an example of how the song has fun and is able to step away from the usual alternative pop sound and instead make it unique to the experiences of the artist. “Thread” by Bambii Lamb is an enjoyable experience and one you don’t want to miss out on.

From the moment the song begins, we hear this bell-like sound that immediately makes it stand out in a good way. The beat of the song is incredibly catchy and it’s what contributes to the fun energy of the track. This energy in contrast to the dark pictures being painted by the lyrical content is what keeps listeners on their toes One of the standout lyrics includes “dangling by a thread, strangle you with it” may come off as concerningly twisted, but it’s a transparent view of how deep the pain of betrayal can go. The harmonies layered in the song sound beautiful as they help build the ambiance of the track. It’s also important to note that Bambii Lamb’s vocal performance is unique and memorable, as she has a gorgeous voice. Overall, the story in the song is told in a way that feels both whimsical and emotional, and as mentioned before, it shows the level of creativity and talent that Bambii Lamb has.

Bambii Lamb is both an artist and a college student from Gainesville, Florida. She began writing original music at a young age, and in high school, she began working with producer, Zach Rodriguez, who helped her make her first EP, Dreamache. She has received credit for her unique styles that mix a multitude of genres and music eras including bubblegum pop, psychedelic rock, and alternative pop. It’s clear through her work that Bambii Lamb puts in her all to create a set style for her music that makes her stand out from other artists. It’s always joyous to come across an artist who feels fresh and will create art that stands out, and with Bambii Lamb, it’s clear that she fits this narrative.

Written By Chantal Charles


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