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  • Chelsea Luo

Review: "Thrill Of It" - Holly Wild

When they walk into the room, your heart flutters. Your palms begin to sweat. Your eyes dart constantly to and from theirs, until you both make eye contact. The tension and electricity you feel when you’re around them is overwhelming. An addictive feeling we all know too well, the thrill of liking someone is portrayed in Holly Wild’s newest single “Thrill Of It.” The song describes these feelings as a form of self punishment, especially when you know it's someone you can never be with, but the pain hurts so good that you can’t resist. Not many songs can capture this feeling, but Holly Wild does so with intense passion and beautiful vocals.

A sense of longing and intense desire can be felt throughout the song. The pre-chorus buildup represents the singer’s initial resistance of her feelings, but she eventually caves and acknowledges her love of doing things for the “thrill of it.” Whether it’s sending a risky text or making a flirty comment, the adrenaline rush from interacting with your crush is a feeling like no other. Holly Wild’s smooth and mesmerizing voice captures this incredible human experience perfectly.

Holly Wild is a rising Australian singer and songwriter who makes indie pop music. Her songs are optimistic and passionate, and her love for adventure and exploration is reflected in her music. She views songwriting as a tool for storytelling and conveying universal experiences to facilitate powerful emotional connections with others that can only be made through music. Her songs are very personal and shed light on her life, from sprinkles of her summers in Australia to influences from her childhood folk heroes or favorite rock bands. These influences intertwine to create a distinct sound and style that is uniquely hers.

Written By Chelsea Luo



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