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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Tightrope" - Amber T.

If you ever felt as if you were 'Walking on a tightrope,' or if you were ever in a difficult position, Amber T.'s new song, "Tightrope" should definitely be blasting through your car speakers. Amber T wants us to feel the same sorrow, remorse, and anger towards whatever situation at hand but wants us to know that we are not alone through her lyrics and amazing accompaniment.

Amber T's "Tightrope," emotionally showcased feelings of sorrow, remorse, and anger that were molded into a song with very catchy lyrics and energetic instruments.

This is a song that has a very condensed and reminiscent beginning that then explodes into this powerful chorus making anyone listening, want to belt the lyrics. The song would feel right at home on a Taylor Swift or 'Hannah Montana' (Miley Cyrus) release.

Amber T is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter who bursted into the mainstream music scene at the age of 15, catching the eyes of the BBC Radio1, BBC TV, as well as very successful and popular singer, Sir Elton John. "Amber is building a very strong following and has lots planned for the rest of 2022," so why keep up to date with Amber T by following her socials down below!

Written By Troy Sica



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