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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "'Till I Die" - Kings Elliot

With sadness, melancholia, and a message that remains beautifully tragic, “‘Till I Die” becomes one of the best single releases of May 2022. Kings Elliot writes a masterpiece depicting her struggle with mental health and accepting who she is. While Elliot’s heartfelt and emotion driven track is a personal testimony, many listeners are bound to relate to the subject matter of depression, anxiety, and other disorders. The ongoing battle with mental health, that so many of us face, manifests in different ways for everyone. It’s often time hard to comfort or give advice to those in need, however, “‘Till I Die” has beautifully laid out what life with mental health problems is like in a way that everyone will be able to understand and hopefully help ease their struggles.

“’Till I Die” is full of dramatics, emotion and piano, combining to create a sensational alt-pop hit. There is simply one word to describe Elliot’s voice– angelic. Elliot’s vocals are stunningly smooth, and passion filled. She ranges from a lower register at the beginning of the song to the higher register throughout all while maintaining the silky smoothness of her voice. The best part of this single, however, has got to be how it was arranged. I can’t help but marvel at the choral vocals and piano-driven lines, they’re simply beautiful and brilliantly written. When I listened to “’Till I Die” the drama of it all was just cinematic in a way. To me, this song belongs in a film. I am absolutely in love with every single aspect of this single. I couldn’t recommend this track enough.

The London-via-Switzerland artist, Kings Elliot, has quickly made a name for herself in the music industry. Elliot has amassed millions of global streams, praise from Teen Vogue and Billboard, as well as social support from Reese Witherspoon and Lewis Capaldi. The rising star is signed with Universal Music and will be hitting the road with Imagine Dragons on their U.S. tour beginning in August. Elliot’s sound can be closely associated with that of Lorde and Billie Eilish, but with its own new brilliance. Elliot openly speaks about her battle with mental health and uses her music as a way to spread awareness and comfort to those going through similar situations. Kings Elliot will be releasing more new music and you won’t want to miss out on any of it!

Written By Emily Hancock



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