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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Time To Smile" - Alex Amor

Alex Amor’s latest single is an optimistic indie-pop track that encourages listeners to “sit back and take stock” of their life. “Time To Smile” stresses the idea that even when life gets hard, taking the time to count your blessings and appreciate what you have can make a huge difference. The singer inspires positivity with her lighthearted lyrics, making the track the perfect summertime anthem. In the verses, she acknowledges the everyday hardships and negative experiences of existing in today’s world. But then in the pre-choruses, she tells the listener to let go of their bitterness towards life and to embrace the reasons to be joyful. She does not invalidate listener’s feelings, but instead encourages them to look at life differently. This leads to the chorus where she sings: “There’s always gonna be a reason to cry// But there’s always time to smile// There’s always time to smile.” Life comes at us hard and often kicks us while we’re already down. But in the darkest of times, there is always a reason to smile. Whether it is something small, like seeing a dog in the car next to you, or something significant, like a loved one beating cancer, there will always be something to be grateful for. “Time To Smile” is an important reminder that even when life is rough, there is always hope for the future.

“Time To Smile” is an ethereal alt-pop track that utilizes its whimsical production to enhance the positive lyrics. The song kicks off with a slightly muffled intro that consists of the guitar, bass and drumbeat. In contrast to the smoother guitar heard primarily in the song, a guitar utilizing a bright tone plays a quick riff to introduce the first verse. Amor’s vocals lead the listener through the lyrics, while the production continues in the background. The guitar maintains the smooth sound throughout the song with riffs that flawlessly accentuates the music. In the pre-chorus, the guitar picks up a melody with background vocals harmonizing to boost the dreamy atmosphere. A brief production pause introduces the chorus, before the guitar riff switches to brighter chords. The second verse is led primarily by the bass, providing a laidback, jazzy vibe to the track. When the next chorus begins, the previous production returns with additional synth sounds in the background, creating a new dynamic. Throughout the song, Amor’s compelling vocals lead the track with her impeccable high notes and falsettos. Paired with the ethereal instrumentation, her vocals are reminiscent of a modern-day Fleetwood Mac vibe. “Time To Smile” emits a positive energy through its bright production, making it perfect for every summer playlist.

Alex Amor is an alternative pop singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. She made her debut in 2021 with her 5-track EP, Love Language. After four standalone singles, she released her sophomore EP, The Art Of Letting Go, in 2022. “Time To Smile” marks her third single off of her upcoming EP, which is set for release later this fall. Amor’s music is a unique blend of her artistic influences, such as Blood Orange, Kurt Vile, Porches, HAIM, and Men I Trust. She strives to make music that not only describes her own personal experiences and hardships, but also as a way to connect with listeners and make them feel less alone. With over 4 million global streams in only two years, Amor clearly has already made these important connections.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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