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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "TIME" - Tyler Jarvis

Tyler Jarvis’s “TIME” is a perfect take on the early feelings of a new relationship. Even more importantly, it shows listeners that they can experience those same feelings today. Tyler starts off the song by asking this girl if she will hold his hand and take a chance. He says he “can’t hold it back,” and hopes their relationship could last. In the pre-chorus, Tyler says they “can drive all night to the sunrise,” and says they don’t have to keep their love to FaceTime. He’s going out of his way for his girl, and he feels like their love is a love song that will go on forever. Then Tyler introduces the title of the song, saying “if love is spelt time/I’ll give you all mine.” He is so in love with this girl that he’s been waiting for a relationship like theirs for all his life. In the second verse, he goes into how much he cares about this girl. He says that he doesn’t need sleep because she’s “better than [his] dreams.” He compares their relationship to a perfect day in the middle of July with a beautiful sky. After repeating the pre-chorus and chorus again, Tyler goes into the bridge. He says it doesn’t matter where they go because she will always be his destination. He gives the relationship his all “without hesitation,” and time spent with his girl is never a waste. “TIME” has a beautiful message about the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship, with all the little nuisances you love about your partner.

“TIME” is the perfect way to capture the last bit of summer vibes as the season comes to an end. This song definitely has a dance feel to it, but isn’t electronic like many dance hits; it feels acoustic and genuine. The song starts off a bit slow with a complex and deep soundscape. A synth hits, and it speeds up as it leads into the song. Listeners first hear a groovy guitar, which contributes to the dance vibe. The drums are prominent throughout the song, and they’re nice and heavy. Tyler could’ve chosen a basic 4x4 drum beat, but they’re way more creative than the average pop song. There’s clearly a rock influence in “TIME.” Tyler’s vocals are smooth, especially in the chorus. In the pre-chorus and the chorus, the harmonies are beautiful and decadent. The cherry on top of “TIME” is the guitar solo. In the bridge in between the lyrics, there’s a great guitar solo. It was the perfect addition to the song, and it completes the song.

Tyler Jarvis was first introduced to music when his dad gifted him a guitar for Christmas when he was 13. After taking guitar lessons with his dad and brother, he hasn’t looked back since. He combines pop elements with rock influences from greats like Queen and Don Henley. His music is defined by his genuine, captivating lyrics. Tyler was originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia later in life. Now, he’s been on tour all over the southeast, but he continues to play in his hometown. However, one of his favorite things to do on tour is to visit new cities. Tyler continues to capture the essence of authenticity and passion in all he does.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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