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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Timeless" - HOLLISS

Here’s an invigorating tune to help you appreciate the finer things in life! ‘Timeless’ by HOLLISS is a beautiful representation of a slow and steady love that never fades. With the rise of Tinder and ghosting, that kind of consistency is harder to find these days. So when you find lifelong partners and forever friends, the memories you make are priceless! Your future looks brighter with them in the picture. Treasure that happy-go-lucky sort of love with a song that’s equally as “timeless”!

Nostalgia knocks on your doorstep as the feel-good vibes of this song take you to your happy place. “It just feels right staying up til sunrise, sipping on a fine wine; mid-September, Earth, Wind & Fire." The lyrics celebrate beautiful moments in life that last! HOLLISS has an elegant voice that glistens with the beautiful string and synth accompaniment. You become enamored as she fills you with hope for the future and thankfulness for what you have now. Forget stress and fear! I want this irresistible energy to drive my mornings!

HOLLISS really knows how to elevate your mood! Like Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes, she thrives on taking classic sounds and incorporating them into modern pop masterpieces. Her blends include anywhere from cinema soundtracks to timeless 70s grooves. She’ll make you feel like the main character with refreshing messages and relatable stories. ‘Timeless’ is a testament to her radiant energy and superstar potential. I can’t wait to see what she gives us next! Go check her out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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