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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "TMI" - Liv Nicholson

Liv Nicholson reminds everyone that it’s ok to be unapologetically honest in her single “TMI”. Oversharing information in your day-to-day life is a very common thing to experience and more often than not can lead to feelings of embarrassment. But Liv is encouraging everyone not to let this slip of information get to them, even if it’s to the point where your grandmother knows your sex life. As she puts it in her song, yikes! However, this tune of hers preaches positivity and confidence no matter how much you may accidentally share. The song is a bright reminder that things may get awkward, but you should always stay true to yourself and stand behind your words no matter what accidentally comes out.

The song's beginning showcases a captivating electric guitar melody with Liv’s voice in the background in a chorus of O’s that lead into the first verse. With the start of the first verse, listeners can hear a steady inclusion of more and more instruments as the verse ticks on. It goes from a simple, steady beat backing her voice to the reintroduction of the signature electric guitar melody that grows louder and louder until the chorus. The chorus is upbeat and chock full of many different instruments producing a wonderful and catchy tune. When the song comes to its bridge, the electric guitar is playing a different tune that is equally ear-catching to the rest of the music produced in “TMI”. This part of the song is particularly gritty in comparison to the chorus and verses, showing off the rock component of Liv’s voice and music.

Most of Liv’s childhood life was spent in New York. Come 2016, Liv moved to Nashville, Tennessee and began to cultivate her music career. Being in New York catered to the development of Liv’s songwriting, as she started pushing out content that she loved and allowed her to connect with her audience. She graduated from the Belmont University songwriting program in 2019 and has been writing songs inspired by all her favorite artists, including Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and Miley Cyrus. You can hear this inspiration in her music, which is a beautiful pop and rock combination paired with very relatable lyrics.

Written By Molly Schiff



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