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  • Willow Gray

Review: "To Be Honest" - Mathilde Anne

“To Be Honest” is a heartbreaking introspective indie anthem about the complex feelings that derive from betrayal. After a betrayal is realized, your feelings and life do not make perfect sense to you. You found solace in another and now you are suddenly faced with the reality that the honesty you allowed them was meaningless. Your anger should feel justified, but it causes you so much pain to hate them. Despite the cruel actions they took, finding comfort and satisfying lust through another woman, your anger hurts almost as much as their betrayal. You speculate and wonder if they think of you while being intimate with her and you know how hypocritical their actions are. There is nothing justifiable about how they have treated you, but you were once willing to forgo your youthful years for the love you two had. No matter how much context they try to give you could never forget the hurt you felt from hating them. There’s nothing more to hear because you already showed them the honesty they are trying to now show you.

Mathilde Anne’s latest single is an indie soft rock anthem that is as centric on its guitar base as it is on its vocals. Anne’s voice is really the standout aspect of this earcandy single. With every complex feeling and word, a wonderfully heartbreaking narrative web is spun. You get a sense of every emotion the narrator is detailing through the simple yet effective breath and note. The occasional male vocal as well gives this song an already well-established mellow cozy-home mood. The leading guitar grabs you immediately and makes you never lose track of it. Before we hear anything else, we hear this exquisitely strumming melody that sets the tempo and mood. The vocals and guitar intertwine so well that one cannot imagine one without the other. Paired with the melodramatic subject matter, everything works to be as addictive to listen to as it is sad to feel.

Mathilde Anne is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Anne has really hit the scene at only 20 years old with a respectable career behind and ahead of her. She is well known in Australia and has already been featured in a few publications such as The AU Review alongside artists such as Jada Weazel and King Stingray. She has performed at many venues, shows, and music festivals such as the Mornington Winter Music Festival. Her singles are well known on various Australian radio shows. She is currently partnered with SandHill Records and has elevated her career status through this label. “To Be Honest” is the third single from her upcoming debut record “Normal” and is yet another meaningful anthem among these releases. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “To Be Honest” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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