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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "To Do List" - Lilla Shy

A loss of hope and confidence can lead to feeling trapped in a castle of your broken dreams. Lilla Shy’s new single, “To Do List” is an emotional pop ballad detailing the familiar feelings of frustration and stagnation. The track communicates a narrative of feeling tied down by wasted time and opportunities. Finding your purpose or passion in life can seem impossible when overcome with regret and being met with constant misunderstanding. Lilla Shy’s meaningful lyricism conveys themes of isolation and self-doubt with lines such as, “I’ve got muscles, but not enough strength to move” and “I’ve got vision, but it’s weaker than my gift”. Lilla’s touching lyrics pair perfectly with her angelic vocals that add emotional depth and abundant dimension to the track. Heart wrenching instrumentation, beautiful vocals and eloquent lyricism make “To Do List” a sentimental anthem about longing for the innocence and joy of youth, in efforts to avoid confrontation with a disillusioned and disappointing reality.

Lilla Shy’s new single, “To Do List” is a moving piece of art that utilizes instrumentation as a tool to create different tempos, rhythms, melodies and harmonies to alter the mood and tone of the song. The piano plays a prominent role in the track, starting with a simple cord progression that repeats throughout the verses and choruses, creating a sense of stability. Throughout the single, there are added embellishments and variations to the chords, such as arpeggios, inversions, and passing notes, that make the song more interesting and expressive. Lilla Shy’s lyrics use plentiful metaphors and imagery to express her inner feelings and thoughts. For instance, she sings that she left herself on a shelf, implying that she neglected or abandoned her true self. She also says that she is blind and deaf, suggesting that she is ignoring or avoiding reality. However, Lilla Shy’s unique voice is perhaps the most spectacular element of “To Do List”. Her ability to hit and hold impressive high-notes and the use of vocal layering to create hypnotizing harmonies truly set her apart as a talented singer.

London based, Italian raised, Lilla Shy is a singer-songwriter and producer whose solo pop career has grown exponentially since its conception in July of 2022. She began her ghost-writing journey in 2017 with releases on labels such as, Warner, Sony and Hexagon. Her debut single, “Shymode” has accumulated over 5.2k streams on Spotify alone. Since then, she has created numerous hits such as, “Don’t Go”, “Party on My Own” and “Your Name on It” which garnered an astounding 74.9k streams on Spotify. Lilla Shy has released three high-production music videos for her singles, “Idealise”, “POMO” and “Shymode”. Her audience has expanded greatly over the past few years, with currently over 19.8k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Lilla can be discovered on numerous highly followed Spotify editorial playlists such as, “EQUAL Italia”, “Pov: la tua vita è un film", “Novità Pop", “New Music Friday Italia” and “Operazione Buonumore!” which has over 324k likes alone. Her solo career has gained tremendous radio support from BBC Introducing in the UK and Amazing Radio in the US. Lilla Shy’s official website showcases her songs, music videos, upcoming gigs and events and a blog where she shares her inner thoughts, speaking on topics such as the songwriting process, self-love, loneliness, growth and gives advice to readers. On March 24th, Lilla Shy released her first EP, “Stuck in Shymode (Bedroom Sessions)” which features six songs, five acoustic renditions of her previously released tracks and one brand-new single, “To Do List”. Luckily for fans, Lilla Shy is performing live on April 23rd at The Camden Eye in London.

Written By Julia Hooper



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