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  • George McSherry

Review: "Today" - Harbour Loft

Too curated to be called bedroom pop, too indie to be called mainstream pop, Harbour Loft has settled snugly into their apt label of "loungepop". BBC South and West made note of the audible influences in the group's sound, blending inspiration drawn from the likes of Gorillaz and Mac Demarco. Fine-tuned for the purpose of inducing a slow head-bop and tap of the toe, Harbour Loft's new single "Today" feels like lying under a skylight in a sunshower, the emotion pours out while you just sit there and smile.

Have a cheeky listen to "Today" here

Clean-cut layers of smooth, jazzy electronic production form the track's main body that holds sturdy and steadfast to provide gooey grit for the warmth of the alto and tenor vocal performances that push and pull through each other like colored smoke that forms a braid. Ambient percussive elements decorate the soundscape alongside the lowkey, vibrant synths that float the single to its slow fade-out.

Call them a "collective", call them a "supergroup"... call them what you'd like really. The nomenclature for this rat pack of young Brits is arguably the least important feature as Harbour Loft's intricate musical flows very much speak for themselves. The group, based in the Southwest corner of the UK, consists of members Duncan Hallett, Niamh Tait, Noah Samuelsson, Sammy Nichols, and Tom Smith, with each member bringing unique talents and insights into the project. Though not currently available on major streaming platforms, you can enjoy Harbour Loft via some of the links below as we await the September release of their upcoming EP.

Written By George McSherry



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