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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Tom & Jerry (hail mary!)" - Candace in Wonderland

“Tom & Jerry” is a catchy and playful jam with deeper roots than what appears on the surface. With a shocking switch up from swing jazz to modern pop, Candace describes this duality as “essentially being aware of how messed up the world is and also wanting to just escape into some sort of cartoon land, where injuries don’t seem to have a lasting impact. It’s a very silly approach to writing about very real issues.” With ethereal and dazzling dreamy pop sequences, Candace emphasizes the desire to escape and look away from modern society’s figurative train crashes.

Grabbing us instantly with an old-timey feeling from a warbled vocal effect and bouncy keys, Candace lets her beautiful debonair vocals shine on this track. With a party tune infested with ear words, the track sets you on a cat-and-mouse chase of stick comedy with references to Bloody Marys, yin and yang, and other pop culture elements. The whimsical nature and spontaneity that the song provides are only heightened by its stellar chorus, which Candace absolutely kills with the precise tone that builds harmonies but also hits that high note.

Though “Tom & Jerry” may have been one of the weirdest songs Candace has written, she’s not alone in penning this masterpiece. With industry hitters like Keyler Matthew, Michael Aiello, Chuckie Aiello, and Tony Chetta, Candace has a strong group of supporters behind her artist project. Based in Nashville, Candace Brown adopted the name “in Wonderland” in 2019 when she realized that her sound was based around creating a dreamland. Since then, Candace has changed her hair color with every release and pumped out dreamy bedroom pop that’s just as colorful as her personnel.

Written By Megan Cao


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