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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "tomorrow" - Lexie Carroll

Lexie Carroll’s latest single fully encapsulates the feeling of being completely comfortable and safe with the one you love. “tomorrow” describes a relationship where, even in the most trying times, just being in the safety of your partner’s arms gives you an overwhelming amount of comfort. Even in the midst of “a full-on apocalypse going on outside,” as long as you are together, everything will be alright. The song begins with Carroll singing the hook in the first verse: “Tomorrow feels like it might never come.” This introduces the listener to the delicate topic, before continuing with the endearing lyrics. She then sings, “Keep me here, my head against your lungs// And I wouldn’t mind if the world stopped turning// And I wouldn’t mind if we just did nothing.” With only these three simple lines, Carroll flawlessly sets the scene for the listener, allowing them to visualize exactly what is happening. The couple is content with sitting together in this silence—a type of silence that is only found in the most comforting, loving relationships. Carroll continues with this touching notion that she is more than happy to just lay here with her partner and let all the worries of this harsh world just fade away. At the end of the song, she closes the track with the hook, and one final sentiment: “Tomorrow feels like it might never come// Just keep me here, it’s safe within your arms.” These lines end the track where it began—Carroll lying with her partner. It wraps up the song beautifully and reveals that everything she sang in between were her ongoing thoughts while they were curled up together.

“tomorrow” is a soft pop ballad that consists of an ethereal production which effortlessly complements the emotional lyrics. The song immediately kicks off with a fast-paced electric guitar with a reverb sound effect that creates a soothing atmosphere. The guitar’s strum pattern focuses on specific high notes with a steady bass. As the song continues in the chorus, a second electric guitar is introduced, adding more emphasis to the bass and providing a unique dynamic to the track. When the second verse begins, a soft drum is added to the background, adding an additional layer to the song. Throughout the track, Carroll’s angelic vocals further enhance the whimsical element, transporting the listener to this safe space described in the lyrics. Her harmonies mesmerize the listener while accentuating the melody. The track closes out with only Carroll’s enchanting voice and the soft background music that slowly fades out. This ends the track in a beautiful manner, highlighting the ethereal vibe and emphasizing the captivating vocals. “tomorrow” is a sentimental ballad about true, genuine love, and the production paired with the lyrics naturally evoke feelings of warmth and comfort within the listener.

Lexie Carroll is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from London. Her music is a perfect blend of indie, pop, and folk. Her insightful lyrics and angelic voice mesmerize listeners and makes them fall in love with her. In 2020, she released her debut single, “Paint Me In Colours”, followed by her debut EP, Birthday Cake. In 2021, she took a break from releasing music before coming back in April 2022 with her sophomore EP, when the sun came up. Recently, she signed to Seven Four Seven Six record label and has released a handful of singles under the company. She is set to release her first EP with the label in May 2023. Her music has garnered support from Spotify, BBC Introducing, and BBC Radio 1's Future Pop. She has headlined a sold-out show at The Grace in London and has supported a handful of artists at their own shows. She continues to grow as an artist and reels in hundreds of thousands of listeners that anticipate every release.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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