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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Tongue Tied" - Daria V

Hindsight is 2020; a phrase that means having full knowledge of an event only after it’s happened. We’ve all had moments that we look back on and wonder, ‘how was I so blind’. In ‘Tongue Tied’, Daria V can see the problems in her relationship, but only when she’s at a distance. When she’s up close with her partner, it’s easy to look past the red flags. The moment she steps away, Daria realizes just how closed off her partner is. She wants to connect on a deeper level with this person, but they aren’t willing to open up. In the end, Daria is left biting her tongue, stuck in a relationship where it’s impossible to form a deeper connection.

Daria creates a multi-layered love story in a song that runs just over three minutes. Her emotional frustration can be felt through her vocals with lyrics explaining just how complex the situation is. “If I tell you my secrets, I know you wouldn’t keep them.” No relationship can exist without some form of trust, and this repeated chorus gives a glaring insight into Daria’s relationship. Her partner is refusing to open up, which in turn, prevents Daria from doing the same. “You don’t mean what you say, but your mouth moves anyway.” After listening to ‘Tongue Tied’, it’s no wonder Daria is on an emotional rollercoaster. Her use of electro-pop beats prevents the song from taking on a melancholic tone when expressing her emotional tangle. Layering a compelling story over an easy on the ears beat makes ‘Tongue Tied’ a great addition to any pop playlist.

Los Angeles based Daria V is ready to shake up the music world. She’s created a team that includes Grammy-award winning songwriters to bring new, fresh music to her audience. Her music often broaches sad or difficult topics, but she does so in a powerful way that leaves the listener with a sense of hope. ‘Tongue Tied’ and her other single ‘Calm Down’ are both available to stream on Spotify.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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