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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Too Good to Be True" - David McCredie

David McCredie’s song “Too Good to Be True” is a reflective song about the pain of change. He sings about the joy of new love. At the same time, McCredie is worried because he is afraid that his happiness will disappear without warning. While this song is about romance, its message can be applied to a variety of situations. I think this song teaches us that we have no choice but to live in the moment. Even though we will always worry about what lies ahead, we shouldn’t let it get in the way of the joy we are experiencing right now.

I thought the instrumentation in the song perfectly matched the lyrics. The guitar was very soothing, and I thought it blended with the sad mood of the words. I also liked the progression of the song. McCredie uses the lyrics to indicate a change in his story. After the bridge, he goes through the chorus in past tense. Instead of saying, “it is too good to be true”, he sings, “it was too good to be true.” This part was upsetting because I found myself rooting for McCredie throughout the song. As it comes to a close, he finds himself longing to go back to happier times. These types of moments can be very hard. Even so, it is in times like these that we will grow and change for the better.

David McCredie is an Indie pop artist from the East Coast of Australia. “Too Good to Be True” is a product of his hard work and dedication to music. It is hard to believe that this song is only his first single. After hitting the ground running, McCredie has no plans of slowing down. In fact, he is set to release two other singles that will form an EP!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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