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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "Touch" - Jameson Tabor

“Touch” is about love at first sight and the joyous feeling of falling in love. Jameson does a captivating job of capturing the feeling, and his song is actually from his own experience; that being one of his love at first sight for his wife- Jenna, who co-wrote the song. The song does its magic, transporting you into this scene of dancing at a party and seeing someone who you just instantly fall for. It's about putting yourself out there and being ready for love, and it's really beautiful. It’s romantic and pop-y, and with Jameson’s vocals, you are in for a treat.

Touch is wonderfully produced and written by Jameson, who does an amazing job of doing so. The track itself is produced so well and the production is something you can tell was very intricate and meticulous, as the song just slots together perfectly. The lyrics are catchy and relatable, and the chorus itself has you jumping around and dancing. Though, the bridge is absolutely stunning with Jameson’s vocals. It takes almost a choral note, and the layered vocals in the background add so much to the song itself. It’s genuinely heaven in your ears. All in all, it’s a great song that will be being streamed for the ages.

Jameson Tabor is a singer-songwriter and producer from Portland, now residing in LA. He initially showed his talents through live theatre before moving onto pop music around 2015. Jameson ventured off to Los Angeles to pursue the pop music industry, where he faced a lot of struggles but managed to prevail. He’s the founder of the label JamTab Music and music studio The Tabor Studio. Jameson is an incredibly talented individual who has accomplished a lot over the years, and his hard work will only lead him to further recognition and success. Fans are excited to see what will come out next after this recent release and in the near future.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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